Global stochastic methods in MDO/CFD

Pelz R, Ogot M, Aly S, Cantelmi F, Burke B, Pelz R, Ogot M, Aly S, Cantelmi F, Burke B. "Global stochastic methods in MDO/CFD.". In: 35th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit.; 1997:.


The purpose of this paper is three-fold. We present two multidisciplinary applications of
global (stochastic) optimization problems in aerospace design which range from preliminary
to advanced design. One application involves the preliminary sizing code FLOPS, and the
other, high-fidelity aerodynamics and structural mechanics analyses codes. We look at the
viability of the stochastic optimization method, simulated annealing (SA) for these
applications. In the high-fidelity application, we use a proof-of-concept problem to …



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