Technology and Social Media in Customer Service

Meru AK, Ciambotti G, Ebong J, Kinoti MW, Mugendi-Kiarie RK. "Technology and Social Media in Customer Service.". In: Customer Service Management in Africa. Productivity Press; 2020.


The rapid transformation of technology in the business sector has brought unprecedented disruptions to traditional practices that relied heavily on human labour force. Technological advancement has made inroads in the entire supply chain with overwhelming ramifications on the firm-level customer interface. Over the years, the developed world and a few Asian countries have rapidly adopted multiple customer interfaces and integration to hasten provision of customer-centric information and services. Today, the same inroads are being witnessed in Africa, albeit at a slower pace. This is largely driven by rapid adoption of smartphones, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and a myriad of other technologies. All the same, it is clearly emerging that, unlike the past technologies where African firms were deemed passive users, the trend is slowly changing the landscape and pointing to a slowly awakening continent.


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