Fluoride content in some Kenyan tea leaves

W PROFNJENGALYDIAH. "Fluoride content in some Kenyan tea leaves.". In: International Journal of BioChemiPhysics, 3, 75 - 76. UoN; 1994.


Different grades and clones oftea from various parts ofKenya were analysed for total, acid and water labile fluoride using ion selectiveelectrode. It was found that, about 80-99% of total fluoride was acid labile while 40-90% of acid labile was water labile. The fluoridecontent was found to vary with the age of the leaves with the old leaves showing higher fluoride concentration indicate the values (orranges) of fluoride extracts and how they differed with age. High pH resistant clones were found to contain higher fluoride than lowpH resistant.




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