Effects of interfering ions on hexamethyldisiloxane microdiffusion method'.

W PROFNJENGALYDIAH. "Effects of interfering ions on hexamethyldisiloxane microdiffusion method'.". In: Talanta 44 1729-1733. UoN; 1997.



Acid diffusion in the presence of hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDS) enables complete recovery of ionic fluoride fromstandards containing varying concentrations of aluminium as one of the main interfering ions. Acid diffusion withoutHMDS shows a decrease in fluoride recovery as aluminium ion concentration increases. The fluoride concentrationin the trapping solution is determined directly on the diffusion cover with a combination fluoride electrode afterneutralising and buffering. The same procedure was used for the analysis of fluoride in soil and plant materialscontaining high concentrations of aluminium ions. For the same samples, the concentrations of aluminium, iron andsilicon were determined using atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS). © 1997 Elsevier Science B.V.

Keywords: HMDS microdiffusion; Interfering ions; GLC




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