Ms Lilian N. S. Kong'ani

Tutorial Fellow at Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies. Holder of Master of Science in Environmental Governance, at the University of Nairobi, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies (Community Development), currently a Ph.D. candidate, University of Nairobi, and a Fellow, Mawazo Learning Exchange Programme, Mawazo Institute

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Ang'u, C, Muthama NJ, Kong'ani LNS.  2019.  Towards Replacing Kerosene with Bioethanol in Developing Countries: A Review., 2019. Conference on the Status of African Women. , University of Nairobi
Ang'u, C, Muthama NJ, Oludhe C, Kong'ani LNS.  2019.  Effects of civil conflicts on global oil prices and their impact on the energy sector.. Journal of Sustainability, Environment and Peace. 1(1):12-18.
Kong'ani, LNS, Ang'u C, Muthama NJ.  2019.  Adoption of improved cookstoves in the peri-urban areas of Nairobi: Case of Magina area, Kiambu County, Kenya. Journal of Sustainability, Environment and Peace. 1(1):19-24..


Kong'ani, LNS, Thenya T.  2018.  Project Management Experience in Mau Ecosystem. Forest Resources Utilization, Livelihoods and Conflicts. Synthesis of five-year research under the “Stabilizing Kenya through solving forest related conflicts project,” (STAKE) 2012-2016.. : Lambert publishers

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