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PO Box 1017-00621 Village Market

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence and more so Natural Language processing

Research Activities

  • NLP: sWAHILI TO sql:
    Design and Development of models and associated algorithms. Conducting Labs in NLP for Swahili processing.

Work Experience

  • 01/06/2000 to 01/08/2006   - Lecturer, Chairman Of Dept- Computer Sci  at  Africa Nazarene University

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Muchemi, L, Muchai CK.  2014.  Model to Determine Bank Teller Requirements and Predict Transactions. Trends in Distributed Computing Applications. , Nairobi: University of Nairobipaper_bank_teller_prediction.pdf


Muchemi, L, Popowich F.  2013.  An Ontology-based Architecture for Natural Language Access to Relational Databases, 2013. HCI International 2013 Conference. , Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: SpringerLink Digital Librarylawpop_onlad_finaledit.pdf


Gakuya, F, Ombui J, Maingi N, Muchemi G, Ogara WO, Soriguer RC, Alasaad S.  2012.  Sarcoptic mange and cheetah conservation in Masai Mara (Kenya): epidemiological study in a wildlife/livestock system. AbstractWebsite

The sanitary control of threatened wild animals is of pivotal interest for their conservation. This task, however, is highly complex in wildlife/livestock systems. In this paper we report findings from a 2-year cross-sectional study of the epidemiology and attempted control of a Sarcoptes mite infestation in the threatened cheetah population in Masai Mara (Kenya), and discuss its interaction with sympatric wild (lion, wildebeest and Thomson's gazelle) and domestic (dog, cattle and sheep) animals. Sarcoptes scabiei was isolated from cheetahs, Thomson's gazelles, wildebeests, lions, cattle, goats and dogs; Psoroptes ovis, on the other hand, was only isolated from sheep. The prevalence study revealed 12·77% infection rates in cheetahs, 4·7% in dogs, 0·8% in Thomson's gazelles, 0·8% in sheep, 0·09% in cattle, and 0·09% in goats, while it opportunistically affected lions and wildebeest. Our study revealed that prevalence of Sarcoptes mite in cheetah population was not associated with the studied geographical blocks, animal sex or the presence of affected domestic animals. Cheetah infection with S. scabiei was associated with the climatic conditions (dry more than wet season) and the balancing between the total number of Thomson's gazelles and the prevalence of infected individuals. Apparently the high prevalence of mangy gazelles has a negative effect on cheetah; this negative effect was reduced when the number of healthy gazelles was increased. Treatment with injectable ivermectin of the clinically affected wild and domestic animals during the first year of this study was associated with much lower incidence of sarcoptic mange during the second year.

Gwendo, JO, Muchemi L.  2012.  A Knowledge-based System for Selection of Trees for Urban Environments. Journal of Artificial Intelligence. 5(1):37-46.gwedo_muchemi_jai_2012_37-46.pdf


Chege, K, Wagacha P, Pauw GD, Muchemi L, Ng'ang'a W, Ngure K, Mutiga J.  2010.  Developing an Open source Spell-checker for G˜ık˜uy˜u. African Language Technology - AfLaT 2010. :31-35., Valletta, Malta: European Language Resources Association- ELRAgikuyu_spellchecker.pdf


Muchemi, L, Ojenge W.  2008.  Career Guidance Assistant – A Model That Employs Knowledge Based Systems To Provide Career Guidance. Strengthening the ICCR: Role of ICT in Development. , Makerere University, Uganda: Fountain Publishersojenge_winston_and_muchemi_lawrence_08.pdf
Muchemi, L, Lwande O.  2008.  Integrating Knowledge Management and Mobile Phone Technology to Disseminate Agro-Met information to Rural based Small Scale Farmers. 9th ICT Conference on ICT’s Role: Towards a Knowledge Economy. , Nairobi, Kenya: Strathmore University. Nairobiomondi_lwande_and_muchemi_lawrence_08.pdf
Muchemi, L., Lwande O.  2008.  Agro-Meteorological KMS for SS Farmers. 3rd International Conference on Broadband Communications (BroadCom2008) . , Pretoria, South Africa: CSIR International Convention Centre
Muchemi, L.  2008.  Towards Full Comprehension of Swahili Natural Language Statements for Database Querying. Fountain Publishers,, August 2008. ICCR: Strengthening the Role of ICT in Development,. :50-58., Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda: Fountain Publisherslawrence_muchemi_08.pdf


Muchemi, L, Narin'yani A.  2007.  Semantic Based NL Front-End For Db Access: Framework For Swahili Language. 1st International Conference in Computer Science and Informatics (COSCIT 2007) . :161-167., Nairobi, Kenya: UoN-ISBN 9966-7284-0-6final_muchemi_narinyani_nlq_paper.pdf
Muchemi, L, Getao K.  2007.  Enhancing Citizen-Government Communication Through Natural Language Querying. 1st International Conference in Computer Science and Informatics (COSCIT 2007). :150-154., Nairobi, Kenya: UoNfinal_muchemi_getao_nl_conference_paper.pdf


Muchemi, L.  1999.  Computer aided Information System for Generating Optimized Machining Data. M.Phil thesis. (Mayaka, Ed.)., Eldoret: Moi


Muchemi, L.  1998.  Expert System in Metal Cutting. International Society of Logistic Journal: Published by SOULE Southwest, U.K. . :289–302.

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