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Have been involved in developing and updating methods for analysis of pesticide residues in biological samples. My initial research study in 1983 involved the determination of levels and sources of organochlorine pesticide residues in breast milk, and was the first research paper of its kind to be published in Kenya that shed light on the situation of DDT in the environment and the human impact. The data from this study was used by the Kenyan Government to ban the agricultural use of DDT in the country and is still being used as reference in environmental studies.
Other research activities involved comparison of pesticide residues in adipose tissue, study of the significance of organochlorine exposure of the infant in utero, pesticide residues in fish, eggs, commercial infant formulas, foodstuffs, heavy metal pollution in various biological matrices etc. During these studies I was able to interact and share experiences with research scientists working in international laboratories in Norway and Canada. I also took part in inter-laboratory quality assurance project which was started by WHO/UNEP to advance knowledge of the occurrence, distribution and significance of organochlorine compounds in humans with particular reference to the human milk from less developed parts of the world.
My research work and experience on persistent organic compounds has been of immense contribution to scientific information and data in Kenya. This has also upgraded our laboratory to an international standard in residue analysis.
I was the lead consultant of National Chemical Profiles and National Inventory Profiles on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) project for National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA). 2004/05 and concurrently National Coordinator of the ongoing WHO/UNEP Global Survey of human milk for POPs in Kenya (2009-2011 and 2013)
This year (2013) I am one of the consultants selected to update the National Implementation Plan for persistent organic pollutants under the Stockholm Convention (MENR&W/NEMA) 
I am currently teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students; training and supervising research projects. I have supervised Ph.D. and M Sc projects in the areas of organochlorine pesticide residues; organophosphorus; antimicrobial residues; polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins and heavy metals in various environments and also collaborated in other research projects.
Have 24 publications in referred and peer reviewed journals and presented scientific papers in national/international conferences, workshops and seminars. Research interests
Environmental toxicology. Membership in professional societies: Kenya professional Association of women in Agriculture and Environment and Kenya National Academy of Sciences.

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