Laura Nelima Barasa is a PhD candidate in Economics at Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands. Barasa is currently a lecturer at the University of Nairobi School of Economics, teaching Econometrics, Elements of Economics, and Institutional Economics. Barasa has recently published an article “Institutions, resources and innovation in East Africa: A firm level approach” (Research Policy, 2017).

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Barasa, L, Kimuyu P, Vermeulen P, Knoben J, Kinyanjui B.  2017.  Institutions, resources and innovation in East Africa: A firm level approach. Research Policy. 46:280-291.


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Barasa, L.  2013.  Policy initiatives to promote women’s access to higher education in Kenya. Internationalization of African Higher Education - Towards Achieving the MDG's. , Rotterdam: Sense Publishers


Barasa, L.  2011.  Economic Impact of Relocating Hawkers from Nairobi Central Business District to the New Ngara Market. International Journal of Professional Practice. 2(2):149-156.

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