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Kuria MW, Omondi LA, Olando Y, Makenyengo M, Bukusi D. "Is Sexual Abuse a Part of War? A 4-Year Retrospective Study on Cases of Sexual Abuse at the Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya." Journal of Public Health in Africa. 2013;4(e5):24-26.
of Kenya NC. MANUAL OF CLINICAL PROCEDURES. Nairobi: Nursing Council of Kenya; 2009.manual_of_clinical_procedures.pdf
of Kenya NC. RN-BScN UPGRADING CURRICULUM. Nairobi: Nursing Council of Kenya; 2009.rn-bscn_upgrading_curriculum_2009.doc
of Kenya NC, of Learning C, of Nairobi U, AMREF. "MEDICAL SURGICAL NURSING 1.". In: UON-NCK-AMREF Distance Learning Modules . Nairobi: UON- NCK-AMREF; 2012.uon-nck-amref_distance_learning_modules_unit_19_medical_surgical_nursing_i.doc
of Kenya NC. KENYA REGISTERED PERI-OPERATIVE TRAINING FILE. Nairobi: Nursing Council of Kenya; 2010.operative_nursing_training_file.pdf
B TD, M. C, S. W, A OL. "FACTORS INFLUENCING APPLICATION OF EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE AMONG NURSES." African Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health. 2012;Vol. 6(Iss. 2):pp 71-77 .factors_influencing_application_of_evidence-based_practice_among_nurses.docx

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