Mr.Benjamin Kyalo

Mr. Mbondo Benjamin Kyalo is a Senior Technologist in the Animal Production Department University of Nairobi.Mr Kyalo is a career driven and self motivated professional. Have dynamic leadership skills to initiate teamwork, posses good analytical skill and able to deliver results within set work frame. I hold a Bachelors of Technology Degree in Industrial Chemistry and a diploma in analytical chemistry from the Technical University of Kenya. My main duties include as a Senior Technlogist are: In charge of and operation of the: - Flame Emission Spectrophotometer, U.V Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer. Other duties are doing mineral analysis of plant tissue, inorganic raw materials and soil samples,Assisting master’s students and other individual researchers in their research projects.Training and holding student’s laboratory practical lessons. Ensuring general cleanliness of the laboratory, In charge of main laboratory store, Determination of nutritional content and feed quality of animal and chicken feeds by:-

               - Proximate analysis,
               -Vansoest fibre determination. .
               - Adiabatic bomb calorimetry. 
               -Invitro (two stages Tilley and Terry) dry matter digestibility.
               -Invivo dry matter digestibility.
               -Insacco (nylon bag) dry matter degradability.

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