Chrysant, SG; Gollub, DMI; BIS; DKJRS; R;.  1985.  Hemodynamic and metabolic effects of enalapril in patients with heart failure.. Abstract

Placebo and enalapril were added on a double-blind basis to conventional treatment in 14 patients with congestive heart failure (CHF), New York Heart Association class II-III. The patients were followed for 14 weeks and their performance was evaluated by a treadmill test, ejection fraction by nuclear scan, cardiothoracic ratio, and Yale Scale score. Metabolic studies were done to test any adverse effects of the drugs. Enalapril decreased arterial pressure and cardiothoracic ratio, and increased ejection fraction. Placebo exerted no significant effects. However, both drugs improved treadmill time and Yale Scale score. No adverse metabolic or clinical effects were observed with either drug. Based on these limited observations we conclude that: Enalapril is a useful ancillary agent to conventional treatment of CHF; it exerts its effects through afterload and preload reduction; and it is safe and well tolerated and has a prolonged duration of action.

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