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Prof  Dr. Kenneth Mavuti -  Shool of Biological Sciences. Received BSc (honors) in Zoology from the University of Nairobi,  post-graduate Certificate in Limnology from the University of Vienna, Austria, MSc in aquatic ecology and PhD in hydrobiology and fisheries from the University of Nairobi. Also received certificates in aquatic microbiology and water management from Israel; in environmental impact assessment from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, and a post graduate training in applied aquatic microbiology and plankton ecology from the University of London, UK. His specialty and interest are on Water Resources Science, hydrobiology and fisheries, Aquatic Ecosystem Management and conservation; water quality analysis, natural resources appraisal and auditing;  as well as environmental impact assessment and watershed management.

Prof  Mavuti has been Coordinator, Head, Director and Dean of various institutions and programs in the University among which he has been Coordinator and Founder Dean of the School of Water Resources, South Eastern University College of the University of Nairobi; Coordinator of the Kenya Belgium Flemish Inter University Cooperation Project; Director of the Center for International Programs and links, University of Nairobi and  Chairman of the Department of Zoology. He is a member of 6 scientific societies, in which he is a fellow of the Kenyan National Academy of Sciences, among others.

Prof  Mavuti has supervised 21 PhD students of which 18 have completed and three are ongoing and 34 MSc students of which 30 have completed and 4 are ongoing. He has 73  scientific publications in refereed journals.


Coordinator, VLIR-IUC-UoN Programme.

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