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Personal Information

Areas Of Specialization

Ecology of arid and semi arid zones with special interest on bioproductivity and human/livestock/wildlife interactions and pastoralism.

Research Interests

1999(ongoing): SIDA/SAREC funded project on Ecological Risk Assessment of Transgenic Products in Eastern Africa. This is aimed at finding ways of monitoring the spread of GMOs in Eastern Africa and preventing the negative impacts of the introductions of transgenisms on ecosystems of Eastern Africa.
1999(Ongoing): Pastrol-Wildlife Interactions: Implications for People, Policy, Conservation and Development Ecological Risk Assessment, "The Carbon Cycle on Land".
In this ongoing project, the aim is to understand how different ecosytem soils store and cycle carbon. The rates of carbon sequestration for different soil types are emphasized, and also the role of various plants groups centered around Baringo. It was evident that tropical grasslands are only second to tropical rainforests in their role of carbon cycling and sequestration. They therefore play a great role in cycling CO2 a greenhouse gas and hence moderate our climate.

1991-1994: Project Leader (Kenya) in the UK Overseas Development Administration 9ODA) Project No. R474 "Productivity of Tropical Grasslands", a multinational project based in Kenya and Mexico.
This study aimed at expanding our understandin

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