PhD Completed 2013

University of Nairobi. Topic: “A Phenomenological investigation into the efficacy of university entry examinations in Kenya: The lived experiences of prospective teachers.”


Senior Lecturer, Department of Educational Foundations

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Mukhungulu, MJ, Jephthar M, Kibogo ZK, Musyoki MS, K’Odhiambo AK.  2015.  Hermeneutics of aesthetics: Influence of Women Teachers’ Body Grooming on the Education of Preschoolers. International Journal of Education and Social Science. Vol. 2( No. 12):106-111. AbstractWebsite

Whereas aesthetics and ethics form the axiological branch of philosophy, the latter’s prominence in the discourse of philosophy of education is quite obvious. More attention needs to be given on the role of aesthetics, especially the influence of women teachers’ body grooming on the education of preschoolers. This paper hermeneutically interprets the philosophical ideals of women teacher’s body grooming on preschoolers. The philosophical sensitisation of young minds for educational purposes is grounded on what they observe in preschool learning environments such as Kindergartens or Montessori centres or nursery schools where majority of teachers are females. Philosophic tenets for education which have long lasting impact on the human mind are greatly influenced by women teachers’ body grooming and clothing during the preschool days where the mind is stimulated to think, reason and produce knowledge. The paper contends that more interpretations can be discerned from body grooming of any gender that can lay the foundation of education.

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