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Present Position
Chair and Coordinator, University of Nairobi Science and Technology Park Steering Committee (position equivalent to Dean) 2008 to present
Director, University of Nairobi Fab Lab 2008 to present
Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Nairobi. 1999 to present
Faculty member, Fab Academy, founded by Prof. Gershenfeld, Media Lab Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (http://fab.cba.mit.edu/about/academy/) 2008 to present

Principal investigator, initiated and raised funds (US$30,000). The aim was to illuminate and verify the technical details regarding the deposit so as to assist the GoK to better plan for the optimal development of this mineral deposit for the benefit of Kenyans.
CURRICULULM DESIGN FOR AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY – Aga Khan University plans to open the US$750 million Arusha Campus in 2015, which is likely to become the premier University in the region. The curriculum is planned to be the first of its kind worldwide, in terms of the massively integrative curriculum, which will first require the re-training of faculty before they can teach it. It will at the same time be tailored to uniquely address East African dreams and realities. I am serving as the sole consultant on Engineering curriculum. 2007 to present
TESTING OF GALVANISATION OF FENCING WIRE PERSUANT TO A COURT ORDER, HCCC NO.39 OF 2006 AT THE HIGH COURT MERU, KENYA, Co-investigated with Chemistry Department, University of Nairobi NOV. 2006
Sole investigator – for local insurance company versus local plastics manufacturer (though tank was manufactured in Sri Lanka, therefore tested against Sri Lankan standards)
Sole investigator - for Peter Huth Insurance Assessor on behalf of Swift Truckers, Ltd. Analysed cause of failure of connecting rod in Isuzu lorry internal combustion engine.
Sole consultant - Campaign against irresponsible titanium ore mining in Kenya while in US for Action Aid USA and Action Aid Kenya.

Technical Research Interests
Evaluation and novel processing of titanium bearing ores (see patent section).
Activated Carbon from agricultural wastes for affordable water filter (see patent section)
Electroceramics – ferroelectrics & antiferroelectrics, varistors, capacitors, piezoelectrics
Recycling of Plastic Wastes - until recently supervising Ph.D. student researching at University of Kassel, Germany
Low-Cost Housing Materials from stabilized soil blocks
Subtractive and Additive CNC machine making

PREVIOUS Professional Work Experience
Conducted research on thermal shock resistance in BaTiO3-based ring varistors. Reported directly to the head, Chip-Capacitor Group.
RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT Transelco Division, Ferro Corp., USA March 1995
Fabrication of multi-layer chip capacitors in class 1000 clean room, including slip making, screen printing electrodes, lamination, dicing and testing. Performed as part of Ph.D.
Fabrication of Multi-layer chip capacitors in class 1000 clean room, including slip preparation, screen-printing of electrodes, lamination, dicing and testing. Involved in binder-burnout, sintering and hot isostatic pressing studies. Performed as part of Ph.D.
Initiated and responsible for two research projects on concrete roof tiles. Appointed in charge of computing in Cement Group.
On small-scale, hand-made paper manufacture. Assisted Barcham Greene (a British paper expert) for the Africa Project Development Facility on behalf of a local industrialist.
APPRENTICESHIP, KEMDENS CO. LTD., NRB (school holidays) 1982-1983
Involved in casting brass products and related finishing processes, and extraction of silver from photographic wastes in family owned business.

Non-Teaching appointments and assignments
Appointed as expert to the “Credit Accumulation and Transfer System for East Africa” in discipline of Engineering by the Commission for Higher Education, supported by Rockefeller Foundation. Aim: to create an integrated higher education system in East Africa. 2007
Chair and Coordinator, University of Nairobi Science and Technology Park (UoN STP) Steering Committee (position equivalent to Dean). present
Initiated University incubation programme and secured Government funding (KShs 6 million) for a MIT Fablab, a rapid-prototyping facility which serves as the core of a Technology Business Incubator in the UoN STP. This lab hosted production for Kenya’s 2nd National Robotics Competition (funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA)
The STP currently has engaged close to 17 companies (ICT, biotechnology, mineral processing and energy) as its first virtual incubatees, awaiting new premises (under negotiation with premier manufacturing facility in the country).
Plans include a joint nationwide network of digital production centers modeled on MIT Fablab (one per constituency), joint venture with Bridgeworks and ICIPE for Science Park dedicated to Life-Sciences.
Represented Kenya, UNESCO Organized “Africa Regional Workshop On Science Park Development”, Windhoek, Jointly Sponsored by: UNESCO, World Technopolis Association (WTA), Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Government of Namibia. Prepared and delivered presentation that saw Kenya’s selection as the UNESCO/WTA African pilot project for Science and Technology Parks. May 2007
Member, National Steering Committee for Science and Technology Parks, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Kenya. Have written and submitted, on behalf of committee, Kenya’s application to S. Korean government (KOICA) for funding for proposed US$90 million Mzalendo National Science and Technology Park. Have submitted three reports to Government recommending way forward for Kenya Science Park project, following Government-sponsored attendance of progammes in S. Korea, S. Africa and Norway. 2008 to present
A vehicle intended for exploration in an open-source setting of technological ideas developed by engineering and science students at, and graduates from, Universities in Kenya. (http://www.bdafrica.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2130&Itemid=5822).
Outreach to Schools to encourage interest amongst primary and secondary school students in Science and engineering (Dagoretti and Kibera). 2008
Acting Chairman, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Nairobi,appointed for specific periods severally since 2004 to present
Member, National Steering Committee for 1st National Mining Conference, Kenya 2004
Patron, Students Association of Mechanical Engineering (SAME) 2003 to present
Represented Civil Society as technical expert on national fact-finding tour of titanium mining establishments in South Africa, led by then Assistant Minister for Environment and Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai as guests of the SA Government. 2002
Member of Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee (Kenya) 2002 to present
Lead contact for inter-university MIT initiative “Design that Matters” initiated to apply global scientific and engineering resources to the problem of development (http://www.thinkcycle.org/global-dtm/) 2001

Ph.D. in Solid State Science, IMRL, The Pennsylvania State University (USA) 1993-96
“Electrical Energy Storage in Antiferroelectric-Ferroelectric Phase Switching, Chemically Modified Ceramics”
M.S. in Solid State Science, IMRL, The Pennsylvania State University (USA) 1990-93
“Grain Size Effects in Ferroelectric Barium Titanate”
Admitted to Wharton and Kellogg Business Schools for MBA - declined in favour of doctoral studies. Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) score = 640. 1992
BSc. (Hons) in Materials Science, University of Bath (UK) 1985-88
Final Year Project: “Two Phase Epoxy Resins”
International Baccalaureate, Diploma Awarded, St. Mary’s School, Nairobi. 1984
KCE O-Levels, 1st Division, 11 points. 1982

Short Courses & Workshops
Attended a Short Course titled, “Creating Government Driven Science & Technology Parks (STPs) – Training Program for STP Development”, held by the World Technopolis Association in Daedeok Innopolis, S. Korea (certificate issued). Nov 1st to 14th, 2008
Attended MIT ‘s First International Training Workshop for Fablab Managers titled, “Fablab Bootcamp at the MIT-Norway Fablab”, Lyngen, Norway. Involved training in usage of computer numeric control (CNC) rapid-prototyping equipment, micro-controller programming, circuit making, antennae making, and also Fablab management, Fab Academy planning. Jan 16th ~Feb 15th 2008
Attended “International Workshop – Towards Sustainable Growth of Science and Technology Park: Role of Technology Business Incubation in Techno Parks”, Daejeon, Republic of Korea (certificate issued). Nov 20th ~ 22nd 2007

Technology Transfer related Publications,
Presentations and CONFERENCES
Have developed a draft implementation plan detailing strategic thematic areas for Kenya, 2008-09.
Kamau Gachigi, “The Status of Technology Transfer in Sub-Saharan Africa”, Invited Lecture at the Global Perspectives on Technology Transfer and Commercialization, IC2 Institute Fellows Meeting, IC2 Institute, University of Texas. May 6 - 8, 2009. This is now a chapter in a book published through University of Texas.
Kamau Gachigi and Owate N. Wambayi, “Science and Technology Parks – Infrastructure for Knowledge-Based Development”, The IEK International Conference on Food, Water and Energy Security – Engineering Challenges for the 21st Century, Hotel Intercontinental, April, 2009.
Kamau Gachigi, recommendations presented to Government in report form subsequent to Government sponsored training programme: “Creating Government Driven STPs – Training Program for Science & Technology Park Development”, held in Daedeok Innpolis, S. Korea, Nov 1st to 13th, 2008.
Kamau Gachigi, “Mzalendo National Science and Technology Park, Kenya: Plans for Launch”, The 6th World Technopolis Association (WTA) General Assembly held in Daejeon, S. Korea, 9 -11 October 2008.
Attended the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) Conference held in Johannesburg, SA, 2008
Kamau Gachigi, recommendations presented to Government in report form subsequent to on the 1st International Training Workshop for Fablab Managers titled, “Fablab Bootcamp at the MIT-Norway Fablab”, Lyngen, Norway , 16th January – 15th February, 2008.
Kamau Gachigi, “University of Nairobi Science and Technology Park: Plans and Status”, International Workshop – Towards Sustainable Growth of Science and Technology Park: Role of Technology Business Incubation in Techno Park, Daejeon, Republic of Korea, 20-22 November 2007.
Invited by M.I.T. Centre of Bits and Atoms to attend The Fourth International FabLab Forum and Symposium on Digital Fabrication, at University of Chicago. August, 2007
Kamau Gachigi, “Science and Technology Park Development in Kenya”, Africa Regional Workshop on Science Park Development, Windhoek, Namibia. Jointly sponsored by: The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The World Technopolis Association (WTA), Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), The Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), 9-11 May 2007
Kamau Gachigi, recommendations presented to Government in report form subsequent to ”Africa Regional Workshop on Science Park Development”, Windhoek, Namibia. 9-11 May 2007
Kamau Gachigi, “Phase Transition in the PbZr03 PbTi03 Antiferroelectric-Ferroelectric Ceramics”, invited lecture at University of Kassel, Germany, 18th January, 2007
Moderator at “Stakeholders’ Critique Forum on Draft Mining Policy and Code”, Panafric Hotel, organized by Kenya Human Rights Commission, 20th April. 2006
Kamau Gachigi, “Ensuring Africa Benefits from Extractive Industries”, invited talk at the Eastern Africa and Horn of Africa Consultation of the Blair Commission for Africa, hosted at the African Medical and Research Foundation in Nairobi, December 6-8, 2004
Kamau Gachigi, James Kibera, Jones Mugambi, Benedict Munanga, “Alternative Approach to Mining of Heavy Minerals in Kenya“, produced in partnership with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). 135 page publication presented to the media as recommendations to the Government of Kenya on proposed titanium mining project, Kwale, at Louis B. Leakey Hall, National Museum. May 2002
Kamau Gachigi, “The Value of University-Industry Collaborative Research Case Study – Increase of Electrical Energy Storage Density For Miniaturisation of Implantable Medical Device”, Kenya Engineer, vol.21, no. 2, p.26-29, 2000.
Kamau Gachigi, "Materials Science and Device Technology Conference held at University of Nairobi", Kenya Engineer, p.29, vol. 21, no.5, 2000.
Kamau Gachigi, "Novel Solar Cell Technology", Kenya Engineer, p.16-18, vol. 21, no.6, 2000.
Presentation on campaign for responsible titanium mining in Kenya, to The Tuesday Group (an environment focus group comprising about 50 NGOs and US government agencies). Meeting held at World Wildlife Fund Offices, Washington DC. 9th Jan., 2001

J.P Dougherty, K. wa Gachigi, T.R. Shrout, S.-J. Jang, C.A. Randall and P.M. Pruna,
“Cardiac defibrillator with multi-phase ferroelectric/antiferroelectric capacitor”, U.S. Patent No. 5,728,138. MARCH 17, 1998
K. Gachigi, J. Nyamato, “Novel Processing Technique for Ilmenite to Produce Iron Metal and Titanium Slag”, to be published.
Activated Carbon from agricultural wastes for affordable water filter, soon to be published.
J. Nyamato and K. Gachigi, “Bicycle-Powered Mobile-Phone Battery Charger”, to be published.

Academic Publications
K. Gachigi and J.P. Kithinji, “Characterisation and Evaluation of Activated Carbon Produced from Agricultural Wastes in Kenya”, 2009.
Else Breval, Chiping Wang, Joseph P. Dougherty, Aylin Yilmazbayhan, Kamau Gachigi, Michael Stewart, Frank Duva and Ann Crespi, PLZT Phases Near Lead Zirconate: 2. Determination by Capacitance and Polarization, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Volume 89, Issue 12, 3681-3688, 2006.
E. Breval, K. wa Gachigi, C. Wang, and J. Dougherty, "PLZT Phases near Lead Titanate. I. Determination by X-ray Diffraction", J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 88 [2], 437-442, 2005
K. Gachigi, P.M. Pruna, C.A. Randall, T.R. Shrout, S.-J. Jang and J.P. Dougherty,
"Temperature Dependence of Phase Stability in La3+, Ca2+ and Ti4+ Modified PbZrO3 Ceramics", Proceedings of the 9th International Meeting on Ferroelectrics (IMF-9), Seoul, S. Korea, Aug. 24-29th, 1997.
K. Yamakawa, K. wa Gachigi, S. Troiler-McKinstry and J.P. Dougherty, "Phase Transitions of Antiferroelectric Lead Zirconate Thin Films in High Electric Fields", Ferroelectric Letters, vol. 20, pp. 149-155, 1996.
R.P. Brodeur, K. wa Gachigi, P.M. Pruna and T.R. Shrout, "Ultra-High Strain Ceramics with Multiple Field-Induced Phase Transitions", J. Am.Ceram.Soc., vol.77, no.11, pp.3042-44, 1994.
K. wa Gachigi, U. Kumar and J.P. Dougherty, "Grain Size Effects in Barium Titanate",
Ferroelectrics, vol. 143, pp.229-238, 1993.

Non Peer-reviewed
Kamau Gachigi, Sameer Bachani, James Kariuki, Charles Ogugo and Nicholas M. Tene, “Rendering High Clay-Content Soils Suitable for Cement Stabilisation for Building Blocks for Low Income Housing”, Development by Design : Workshop, MIT Cambridge 2001. (published on-line at Thinkcycle, MIT, http://www.thinkcycle.org/tc-filesystem/download/development_by_design_2001/rendering_high_clay-content_soils_suitable_for_cement_stabilisation_for_building_blocks_for_low_income_housing/mitssb.pdf.
K. wa Gachigi, S. Sato and T. Nomura, "On the Mechanism of Thermal Shock Resistance in SiO2-Modified (Ba,Sr,Ca)TiO3 Ceramic Varistor", The Society of Materials Engineering for Resources of Japan, Akita City, Japan, June 24th, 1997.
V. Sundar, K. wa Gachigi, D.M. McCauley, K. Markowski and R.E. Newnham, "Electrostriction Measurements in Diffuse Phase Transition Materials and Perovskite Glass Ceramics", Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Applications of Ferroelectrics (ISAF), The Pennsylvania State University, 1994.
K. wa Gachigi, "Crack Detection in Green Ceramics Using Ultrasonic NDT and
Artificial Neural Networks", presented at weekly Ferroelectrics seminar at MRL, The Pennsylvania State University, Fall, 1994.
K. wa Gachigi, A.Bhalla and L.E. Cross, "Measurement of Piezoelectric Coefficients Using Double Beam Laser Interferometry", presented at the Am.Ceram.Soc. conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, Spring, 1991.

Thesis Supervision
PhD Thesis: Baruthi, O., “Polyethylene Blends Derived from Recycled Plastics with Improved Mechanical Properties for Commercial Applications”, until recently at Kassel University, Germany under DAAD scholarship, though registered for Ph.D. at University of Nairobi, 2003.
MSc. Thesis: Frederick Mutothia, ”Characterization and Evaluation of Local Clays in Removal of Ground Water Contaminants”. Co-supervising student enrolled at JKUAT current
MSc. Thesis: Beatrice K. Daudi, “Evaluation of Pesticide Removal from Agricultural Waste Water Using Sawdust-Derived Activated Carbon”. Co-supervising student enrolled at JKUAT 2009
Baruthi, O. M.Sc - Plastics Wastes in Kenya: A Survey, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering Option, University of Nairobi, 2001

Final Year Project Supervision
Adaptation of CNC Router into CNC Metal Cutting Torch 2011
Adaptation of CNC Router into CNC 3D Printer 2011
Production of Activated Carbon from Locally Available Raw Material, (my student was awarded best project in Faculty of engineering, 2003). Every year since 2003
Mechanical Properties of Biodegradable Polymers (PolyLactic Acid & Gum Arabic) 2004
Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Recycled Plastics Used in the Packaging
Industry (LDPE, HDPE and PP mixtures) 2004
Application of Recycled Plastics in the Production of Lightweight Concrete 2004
The Design of Test Equipment to Study the Behaviour of Dessicant Materials for Air Conditioning (set up used in the National Universities Public Exhibition) 2004
Construction and Testing of Experimental Apparatus for Titanium Metal Production by
Electrolytic Reduction 2003/4
Characterisation and Processing of Refractory Materials from Locally available Ores 2003

Delivered invited lecture, “Technology and Spirituality” at Revisioning Kenya (patron Amb. Bethuel Kiplagat) June 2009
Inducted, “E100 Global Knowledge Leadership Map”, ENTOVATION Int’l June 2009
Member. National Steering Committee for Science and Technology Parks, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Kenya. 2008 to present
National Mineral Sector Conference Steering Committee member 2004
Appointed to Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee, Nairobi 2002 to present
Patron, Students Association of Mechanical Engineers (SAME) 2003 to present
Inductee, Phi Kappa Phi Honour Society, USA 1993
Head Boy, St. Mary’s School, Nairobi 1984

Sporting Awards
Kung Fu, former Shujaa WuShu Assoc. of Kenya, grade 2. Gold medal 2002
Rugby: represented:
TDK Corporation Rugby XV , Japan 1996~1998
The Pennsylvania State University, USA, 1990~1991
University of Bath team, U.K., 1986&1987
Awarded rugby colours, St. Mary's School (Nairobi) 1983&1984
Kenya Combined Schools Rugby XV 1984
Inter High-School Swimming gala – 1st prize, 50 m freestyle 1984

Date of birth in Nairobi, Kenya, 4th July, 1966
Formerly “David Kamau”, changed name legally in USA court to “Kamau Gachigi” 1991

Reading current affairs (social, economic, political), current science & technology, the true history of Africa and the black diaspora, science and spirituality; swimming; chess; music.
Lay preacher: principle themes - Science and Christianity.
Lectured at Theosophical Society, Nairobi on The Works of Rudolph Steiner on Spiritual Science and “A Brief History of Ancient Egypt”

Fluent: English, Kiswahili, Kikuyu, Intermediate: Japanese


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