2. Strengthening Masters of community Health Nursing in Kenya.

KAGURE PROFKARANIANNE. "2. Strengthening Masters of community Health Nursing in Kenya.". In: Kenya Nursing Journal KNJ 37(2) 58-64. Decemer, 2008. Prof. Karani Anna, Kazuko Nasire,Prof. Junko Tashiro,Waithaka Peter, Yumi Sakyo,Wakako Ichikawa; 2008.


Development / Strengthening Masters on Community Health Nursing Curriculum in Kenya. In the East African region no nurse had done a master programme in Community Health Nursing. Therefore, a needs assessment was done followed by a study on developing / strengthening community health nursing in Kenya as a model for the region. This was done in collaboration with a nursing institution in Kenya and another in Japan.Aim was to develop/strengthen Masters in Community Health Nursing programme in Kenya and the region.The study was conducted between 2005 and 2006 in Kenya. Two provinces were selected due to proximity and accessibility. The national hospital, one provincial hospital, five district hospitals and five health centres were randomly selected as study areas. The 22 subjects (Registered Community Health Nurses) purposely selected were lecturers, administrators and service providers. The tool used was recorded interview, checklist and focus group discussions at the subjects working area followed by transcription of interview. Five data collectors were trained for 2 days and tools pre-tested. The study revealed that majority of the subjects (50%) wanted lifelong learning at the place of work with progress onto masters to PhD by distance learning. Masters graduates should be responsible for teaching, administration and policy. A core curriculum, distance learning, learning manuals, clear job descriptions and exchange programme were declared most important.Conclusion: Core curriculum developed for implementation, clear job descriptions recommended, distance learning to be started using modules and support for exchange program needed.




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