Strengthening Research Capacity and Research Management in Health and Social Science Research in Kenya

Otieno- Omutoko L, Gunga SO, Inyega H, OGUTU JOSEPH. "Strengthening Research Capacity and Research Management in Health and Social Science Research in Kenya.". In: Research, the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). Nairobi. Nairobi: CUEA; 2013.


Researchers carry out various types of studies determined by purpose although the general aim of research is to generate knowledge that is relevant to a wider population beyond what is studied formally or informally. For research to be beneficial it should meet the criteria of relevance, rigour and reliability or dependability for informing policy and other important decisions. The significance of research is policy makers and practitioners require evidence. This underscores the need to enable researchers to produce evidence which necessitates provision of capacity, skills and resources. Researchers have an important role in development. They ensure that curricula and learning outcomes are based on up-to-date evidence and they impart skills to enable collection, appraisal and synthesis of evidence that should underlie development of policy and practice. Capacity needs to be strengthened to engage in meaningful research that will lead to advancement of human knowledge which is necessary for development. Research capacity has changed meaning over time from focus on the individual to collective strengthening of research teams and institutions. The purpose of this study is to explore strategies for research capacity building. The objectives of the study will be to: (i) establish the levels of research capacity building (ii) examine phases of knowledge creation and knowledge translation cycle and (iii) assess relational dimensions of capacity building. Mixed mode approach will be employed and data will be collected through field study, documentary analysis and comprehensive literature review. Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis will be carried out. Conclusions, recommendations and implications for institutional research capacity building will be made.

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