Application of Technology in Realization of Literacy and Reading Skills in Primary Schools in Kenya

Otieno- Omutoko Lillian PD, Omutoko JD, Omutoko IC. "Application of Technology in Realization of Literacy and Reading Skills in Primary Schools in Kenya.". 2013.


Education for All (EFA) aims at provision of quality basic education for children, youth and adults to bring benefits to every individual. Realization of EFA goals can be accelerated through provision of literacy for all. There is exponential growth in the use of technology in everyday life. ICT technologies have become common in school settings, workplaces and at home. ICT can be used to improve critical cognitive skills and general literacy. Literacy pursuits should include technology based skills to enable operation in technology based settings. It is necessary to understand and conceptualize how ICT can enhance literacy and how it contributes to development of human capital. The purpose of this study is to assess the role of ICT in increasing access to literacy and improving the quality of literacy education. This paper intends to: (1) Explore how ICT technologies can be used to enhance learning and broaden access to literary education (2) Demonstrate the use of digital technologies in strengthening literacy and reading skills (3) Explain how ICT barriers to achievement of literacy can be reduced to enhance literacy. Document desk review and in depth content analysis will be used to collect information and develop innovative affordable software applications for literacy. Findings from this study will be used to develop a pilot ICT literacy program.

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