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I am a veterinarian with an interest in application of economic concepts, methods and tools in disease control and prevention. The aim is to contribute to wellbeing of members of society through advising national governments on appropriate policies to improve on production and distribution of safe food to the society within sub-Saharan Africa. My primary strategy is partnerships and creation of positive relationships for science and humanity. My initial research focused on estimation of prevalence and characterization of factors that exposes communities to contamination with verotoxigenic E.coli within smallholder settings within peri-urban areas of Nairobi City. I also completed my PhD at the Royal Veterinary College, university of London during which time my investigation focused on the economics of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia and its control in pastoralist set ups in Kenya. Lately, i have focused my research on the application of value chain analysis framework in the poultry production systems to analyse practices which can lead to contamination of foods, and also to identity value chain nodes where intervention through upgrading can be implemented to enhance food safety and security. My current work with large-scale broiler farms focuses on the assessment of environmental impact on productivity and product quality for broiler chicken. My interest in global one health research focuses on how the society approaches decision making with regard to control of infectious diseases, which have significant impact on people‚Äôs livelihoods. This encompass broad study areas such as prioritization of diseases by communities and policy makers, estimation of impact of diseases in the society and to individual farmers and consumers, analyzing and formulating policies for disease control and prevention, and creation of platforms to support outreach and extension services to undeserved livestock farmers. 

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