Soils of the Kindaruma area (quarter degree sheet 136.

Mbuvi JP. Soils of the Kindaruma area (quarter degree sheet 136..; 1975.


A programme of systematic inventory of the soil and land resources of Kenya was initiated in 1972. It aimed at the mapping of the high and medium potential areas at scale 1: 100, 000 and of the low potential areas at scale 1: 250, 000. This first soil survey report deals with the Kindaruma area, covering some 300, 000 ha in the Eastern Province. Descriptions are given of climate, geology and vegetation. The soils are surveyed and mapped on reconnaissance level and details are given on mapping units, classification (FAO-system), fertility and physical and management aspects. Land suitability classification has been carried out for different agricultural purposes and levels of technology. Finally suggestions are given for further research in the area on climate, agroclimatology, dryland farming, crop selection and erosion control


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