Makueni District profile: soil fertility management

Mbuvi JP. "Makueni District profile: soil fertility management."; 2000.


Drylands Research Working Papers present, in preliminary form, research results of studies carried out in association with collaborating researchers and institutions. This working paper is part of a study which aims to relate long-term environmental change, population growth and technological change, and to identify the policies and institutions which are conducive to sustainable development. The study builds upon an earlier project carried out by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in Machakos District, Kenya, whose preliminary results were published in a series of ODI Working Papers in 1990-91. This led to a book (Mary Tiffen, Michael Mortimore and Francis Gichuki, More people, less erosion: environmental recovery in Kenya, John Wiley, 1994), which was a synthesis and interpretation of the physical and social development path in Machakos. The book generated a set of hypotheses and policy recommendations which required testing in other African dryland environments. Using compatible methodologies, four linked studies are now being carried out in: Kenya Makueni District Senegal Diourbel Region Niger Maradi Department (in association with ODI) Nigeria Kano Region (in association with ODI) For each of these study areas, there will be a series of working papers and a synthesis, which will be reviewed at country workshops. An overall synthesis will be discussed at an international workshop in London in 2000.


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