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Simon Patrick Baenyi, Junga JO, "Phenotypic traits,reproductive and milk performance of indigenous goats of south Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo." Journal of Dairy, Veterinary and Animal Research. 2021;(Submitted).
Simon Patrick Baenyi, Junga JO, Christian Keambou Tiambo, Ahadi Bwihangane Birindwa, Katcho Karume, Getinet Mekuriaw Tarekegn, Ochieng JW. "Production Systems, Genetic Diversity and Genes Associated with Prolificacy and Milk Production in Indigenous Goats of Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review." Scientific Research Publishing. 2020;10(4):735-749.
Santis VD, Mwinami T, Chesire D, Musina J, Zaccara S, Kioko E, Owino JJ, Oduma JA, Ayiemba W, Harper DM, Crosa G. "Molecular pilot study on peripheral populations of Kenyan greenbul in an afromontane fragmented forest." African Journal of Ecology. 2018;56(3):610-619.
S.S.Lekerpes, J.O.Jung'a, Badamana MS, D.I.Rubenstein. "Genetics polymorphism of beta-lactoglobulin in Kenyan small East Africa goat breed using PCR-RFLP and sequencing. ." Scientific Journal of Animal Science . 2014;3 (8):233-239.

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