Effects of antioxidants on oxidation and storage stability of Croton megalocarpus biodiesel.

W.O.Osawa, Sahoo PK, J.M.Onyari, F.J.Mulaa. "Effects of antioxidants on oxidation and storage stability of Croton megalocarpus biodiesel." International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering. 2015.


The effects of antioxidants and storage on
oxidation stability of croton biodiesel and its blends with
petro-diesel were determined using PetroOxy equipment.
The biodiesel and blends were kept in Pyrex reagent bottles
and stored in a metallic locker at room temperature for
8 weeks, a condition that imitated ordinary storage environment
in tanks before use. The oxidation stability indices
of the biodiesel and blends were determined by measuring
Rancimat induction periods for 8 weeks at intervals of
2 weeks. Although the Rancimat induction period for
freshly prepared biodiesel of 4 h was higher than the
commonly used American standard (ASTM D6751) limit
of 3 h, it was lower than the European standard (EN 14214)
of 6 h. The induction periods of B50 and lower blends
were, however, equal to or greater than 6 h. The Rancimat
induction periods for biodiesel with 100 ppm antioxidants
were 5.6, 6.8 and 7.8 h for Butylated hydroxyanisol
(BHA), Propyl gallate (PRG) and Pyrogallol (PYG),
respectively, while the Rancimat induction periods for
biodiesel with 1000 ppm antioxidants were 6.8, 8.2 and
10 h for BHA, PRG and PYG, respectively. The oxidation
stability index for neat biodiesel decreased by 45 % while
that for biodiesel with 1000 ppm antioxidants depreciated
by 16, 12.2 and 20.59 % for PYG, PRG and BHA,
respectively, during the 8-week storage period. A more
rapid decline in oxidation stability was observed in the
biodiesel and blends without antioxidants than those with
antioxidants. The results from this study showed that the
use of appropriate concentrations of suitable antioxidants
can greatly improve the oxidation stability of biodiesel and
blends which can therefore be stored over longer periods of
time before use without undergoing extensive and deleterious
oxidative deterioration.
Keywords Croton biodiesel Oxidation stability
Antioxidants Storage stability

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