Quality of raw milk collected and Marketed by dairy cooperative societies in Kiambu District

NYARONGI PROFOMBUIJ. "Quality of raw milk collected and Marketed by dairy cooperative societies in Kiambu District.". In: journal. University of Nairobi Press; 1995.


The quality of milk collected by dairy cooperative societies in Kiambu District from farmers for marketing was determined. Analysis was done for specific gravity, total viable bacteria counts, coliform counts, resazurin test, alcohol test and test. Approximately 5.2% of farmers and 9.7% of cooperative samples had a specific gravity less that 1.026 indicating adulteration by addition of water. Forty four percent(44.3%) of farmers and 86.2% of cooperative  can samples had total viable counts more  than 105 cfu/ml milk, while 10,5% of farmers and 50% of cooperative can samples had more than 50,000 counts/ml of milk respectively. Seven percent of milk samples from farmers cans and 36% of milk samples from cooperative cans were considered of poor quality by use of a ten minutes resazurin test. Again 7.0% of farmers and 11.0% of cooperative can milk samples tested positive with the alcohol test, while no samples clotted on boiling in both cases. The study found that most farmers in the district supply to dairy cooperative societies relatively good quality milk, but the quality of the milk deteriorates while in the hands of the management of dairy cooperative societies which could be attributed to long milk collection rounds coupled with high ambient temperatures and inadequate cleaning of cans after use due to enough portable water. The ten minutes resazurin test was thought to be the most appropriate test for use in screening for poor quality milk at the cooperative level, while alcohol te




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