Practical therapeutics:

Ogeto JO, Juma FD, Muriuki G. "Practical therapeutics:.". 1984.


The effect of alkaloids extracted from strychnos henningsii plant were studied on the normal mice following the intraperitoneal administration on the isolated innerverted skeletal muscles of the rat diaphragm as well as on local anatomic sites of the guinea pig skin.The alkaloids induced convulsions and paralysis characteristic of strychnine poisoning.The convulsions were reversible on the administration of pentobarbitone strychnos henningsii bases produced progressive blockade of the neuromuscular junction without initial stimulation.The blockade was not antagonised by physostigmine.Results of this work indicated strychnos henningsii alkanoids effects are similar to those of strychnine and not curare.we conclude that the commonly used appetiser strychnos henningsii decoction may be dangerous in overdose and suggest that incase of poisoning barbiturates could be used as antidote

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