What is the origin of the labyrinthine artery among black Kenyans?

Ogeng’o JA, Olabu BO, Mwachaka PM, Ominde BS, Inyimili MI. "What is the origin of the labyrinthine artery among black Kenyans?" Anatomy Journal of Africa . 2017;6(2):982-986.


Origin of labyrinthine artery is important because it influences the presentation of occlusion of anterior inferior
cerebellar and basilar arteries. It shows ethnic and geographical variation, but there is no data from black African
populations. This study, therefore examined the pattern of origin of labyrinthine artery in adult black Kenyans.
Three hundred and fourty six arteries from one hundred and seventy-three formalin fixed brains were examined
by dissection at the Department of Human Anatomy University of Nairobi, Kenya. Labyrinthine artery arose from
basilar artery in 260 (75.1%); as common trunk with anterior inferior cerebellar artery in 48 (13.9%) and from
the latter in 38 (11.0%) of cases. There was no side and gender difference in the pattern of origin. This implies
that majority of labyrinthine arteries arise from basilar artery, different from that in oriental, Indo-Asian and
Caucasian populations, in which it arises from the anterior inferior cerebellar artery. Preoperative evaluation of
basilar artery branching is recommended.


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