Course of the hepatic inferior vena cava in a Kenyan population.

Bundi KP, Ogeng'o JA, Hassanali J, Odula PO. "Course of the hepatic inferior vena cava in a Kenyan population." Clin Anat. 2009;22(5):610-3.


The course of the hepatic inferior vena cava (HIVC) has a wide range of variations which are relevant in hepato-vascular surgery and liver transplantation. Eighty livers were studied for hepatic course and axial orientation of the HIVC. The HIVC was found to run in an incomplete tunnel in 43.8% of the cases (n = 35), complete tunnel in 32.5% of the cases (n = 26) while in the rest, it was contained in a shallow groove on the retrohepatic surface. It assumed an oblique course in relation to the longitudinal axis of the liver in 60% of the cases (n = 48). The findings of this study vary to a wide range from those reported previously, and call for extra caution during surgical operations involving the HIVC region.

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