Management Of Potato Viruses In Seed Potato Production Using Border Crops

Muthomi JW;, Nderitu JH;, Olubayo FM;, Kabira JN;, Cheminin’wa GN;, Kiretai SM;, Aura JA;, Muindi EM. "Management Of Potato Viruses In Seed Potato Production Using Border Crops."; 2013.


Field experiments were conducted over two croppi ng seasons to investigate the effectiveness of border crops in managing potato aphids and the associated viruses in seed potato production. Potato plots were surrounded with maize, sorghum and wheat borde rs. Aphid population was monitored on leaves and on yellow sticky traps. Other data collected included virus disease incidence and tuber yield. The border crops reduced aphid popula tion on leaves compared to non-bordered potato plots. More alate aphids we re caught on yellow sticky traps placed inside potato plots than on traps placed inside the border crops. In addition, virus disease incidence was reduced in all plots surrounded by the border cr ops. However, plots surrounded by border crops had reduced tuber yield, although the yield of s eed grade was increased. The results indicated that use of border crops would be beneficial in the management of virus diseases in small-holder seed potato production.


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