Brief biography

Joel W. Ochieng, PhD, is a Senior Research Fellow and Leader of Agricultural Biotechnology at the University of Nairobi. He completed his PhD in Plant Genetics under frontier scientist Prof Robert J. Henry (Queensland Professor of Innovation in Agriculture). Dr Ochieng is interested in studies of organismal evolution, understanding the processes that initiate and maintain variations in nature, with greater focus on variations of adaptive significance and the infusion of desired variations via genetic engineering. His works have been published in leading outlets including Molecular Ecology, Heredity, Science, Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution, Conservation Genetics, Books and Book Chapters with Springer and CRC Press (Taylor & Francis).
Joel supervises a number of students working in areas of agricultural biotechnology, and those that relate to animal and human health.
Previous students include:
Dorcas Lusweti (PhD Fish genetics and breeding) - Now Senior Assistant Director of Fisheries
Grace Mukiri Mariene (MSc Bioinformatics) - Continuing into PhD

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