Employment, research, training and other responsibilities.

Dr. JPO Obiero is currently employed as Senior Lecturer in the department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering, University of Nairobi. He has over 20 years of experience in research, teaching, consultancy, community engagement and postgraduate supervision at university level. He has taught and examined many subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in various publics universities in Kenya and overseas. He has conducted research in areas that include Soil Hydrology, Hydrology and Water Resources with special emphasis on watershed modeling. He has implemented funded research projects and collorative projects locally and abroad participating as Project co-ordinator, Principal researcher or Project leader. He has participated in many local and international conferences and published in conference proceedings. Dr Obiero has published over 20 journal papers and book chapters.

Dr. Obiero has served in a number of administrative committees (departmental and faculty/school at the various universities where he worked on full time basis. Notable Committee included (1) Proposed Upgrading of Appropriate Technology Centre (Kenyatta University) to an institute. Was responsible for developing the curriculum for proposed agricultural Technology Department. (2) Interdepartmental Committee Appointed by the university Vice Chancellor to develop a multidisciplinary research project proposal to secure funding through an international organization. Developed proposal on water harvesting for soya bean production in a semi-arid environment, (3) Chairman of College (CAE) show Committee to plan college exhibitions at the annual international show (University of Nairobi) – The College won two prizes in the year. Dr Obiero has also served in other committees which included Student prizes committee, Field Station Advisory Committee, Research and publications committee, Timetabling committee, Tree planting committee, Seminar Committee, School of Engineering Postgraduate Studies Committee (ongoing), Curriculum Development Committee (ongoing), Chair, Dept. Anti-Corruption Committee among others. Dr Obiero has also undertaken a number of special administrative responsibilities including being severally appointed to be acting Chairman of Department, Head of Department, Departmental Secretary, Departmental examinations co-ordinator, Design Projects co-ordinator, Field studies co-ordinator, among others.

Dr Obiero has undergone a number of skill upgrading courses that include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Content development for e-learning, Policy analysis, Pedagogy, Andragogy and Mentorship, Research and Grant Proposal Writing, Scientific communication and publishing, among others.

Student Supervision and examination.

Dr Obiero successfully supervised over 40 undergraduate (B.Sc) final year engineering student design projects at the University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University. Two of his students won best student project award in the department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering. One other student won a prize after presenting his project at an international seminar in Sweden. Two of the students also obtained first class honours degree, being the highest level of qualification upon graduation in Kenyan universities and employed as academic staff in Kenyan universities, have completed their M.sc degrees and are registered for PhD under my supervision. Dr. Obiero has also supervised to completion nine (9) M.Sc. students. Currently supervising over 5 M.Sc. and 4 registered PhD students at different stages of their research work ranging from proposal development to thesis submission. Dr Obiero has also participated as a board member in over 15 postgraduate (M.Sc) Defence examination boards in the school of Engineering and Faculty of Agriculture, University of Nairobi. He has also been appointed to serve as internal examiner for a number of Masters (M.Sc) theses and external examiner for PhD Thesis. Dr Obiero has been a reviewer of manuscripts for publication in refereed journals.

Professional Activities, Experience and Consultancy.

Dr. Obiero has participated in a number of training assignments as resource person and fieldwork in consultancy. He is also a member of a number of professional bodies or other societies. He has consultancy and training experience in: Irrigation engineering, water supply, Water harvesting and catchment protection, Watershed modelling among others. Dr Obiero has consulted for CARE international, while hired as consultant by Promoting Health Consultants consultancy firm, to undertake an end term evaluation of a water supply project set up to rehabilitate a water supply scheme. Has also consulted for JICA (hired by Farmline consultants) in the training of irrigation engineers in installation of pipes and gates. He is currently consultant (expert) in Agriculrural and Biosystems Engineering ) in cosultancy Service to Undertake a Tracer Study on Destination of Engineering and Applied Science Graduates from Public Universities in Kenya for the State department of Higher Education and Research, Ministry of Education, Kenya. Dr. Obiero has also been severally invited to provide expert opinion in several fora. For instance, he was invited as a stakeholder representing University of Nairobi to participate in the development of the Irrigation policy document. Also participated in the development of the implementation strategy for the proposed policy. He was also invited to participate in the development of strategic plan for the Centre for Sustainable Dryland Ecologies and Society who were engaged in collaborative research with US universities in which Dr Obiero is also involved. He has served in a number of professional/vocational societies Dr. Obiero is currently a member of South African Institute of Agricultural Engineers (SAIAE). Dr Obiero was chair of the Kenya Ploughing Organization a subcommittee of Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) responsible for the training and organising annual ploughing contests and exhibitions in agricultural technologies. He was an executive committee member of ASK (Nairobi Branch) that plans and organises International Trade Fairs annually. Dr Obiero was appointed College Environmental Champion also being member of the University of Nairobi Environmental Sustainability Commitee. Dr. Obiero is registered as graduate engineer by the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) and a member of Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK). Dr. Obiero worked before as Assistant secretary and Secretary of Kenya Society of Agricultural Engineers (KSAE), organising annual conferences and developing the society journal among other society activities. Dr Obiero has been engaged as coordinator of collaborative research project in research uptake based on collaboration between University of Nairobi and HR Wallingford, United Kingdom (UK). The project reached its logical conclusion with training materials developed for teaching at the university.

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