JAMES, DRMWAURA.  Submitted.  Gender based violence; A legitimate health concern. Kenya Nursing Journal volume 35. : National Nurses Association of Kenya
JAMES, DRMWAURA.  Submitted.  Experiences, Knowledge and Perceptions of Women on Gender Based Violence; A case study of Komu Sub-location, Thika Municipality, Kenya. Kenya Nursing Journal volume 37. : National Nurses Association of Kenya


  2012.  Protonation state of a conserved acidic amino acid involved in Na(+) binding to the glutamate transporter EAAC1. Abstract

Substrate transport by glutamate transporters is coupled to the co-transport of 3 Na(+) ions and counter-transport of 1 K(+) ion. The highly conserved Asp454, which may be negatively charged, is of interest as its side chain may coordinate cations and/or contribute to charge compensation. Mutation to the nonionizable Asn resulted in a transporter that no longer catalyzed forward transport. However, Na(+)/glutamate exchange was still functional, as demonstrated by the presence of transient currents following rapid substrate application and voltage jumps. While the kinetics of Na(+)/glutamate exchange were slowed, the apparent valence (z) of the charge moved in EAAC1 D454N (0.71) was similar to that of EAAC1 WT (0.64). Valences calculated using the Poisson-Boltzmann equation were close to the experimental values for EAAC1 D454N (0.55), and with D454 protonated (0.45). In addition, pK(a) calculations performed for the bacterial homologue GltPh revealed a highly perturbed pK(a) (7.6 to >14) for D405 residue (analogous to D454), consistent with this site being protonated at physiological pH. In contrast to the D454N mutation, substitution to alanine resulted in a transporter that still bound glutamate, but could not translocate it. The results are consistent with molecular dynamics simulations, showing that the alanine but not the asparagine mutation resulted in defective Na(+) coordination. Our results raise the possibility that the protonated state of D454 supports transporter function

Mwaura, J.  2012.  Access to health care: the role of a community based health insurance in Kenya.. AbstractWebsite

Out-of-pocket payments create financial barriers to health care access. There is an increasing interest in the role of community based health insurance schemes in improving equity and access of the poor to essential health care. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of Jamii Bora Health Insurance on access to health care among the urban poor.
Data was obtained from the household health interview survey in Kibera and Mathare slums, which consisted of 420 respondents, aged 18 and above who were registered as members of Jamii Bora Trust. The members of Jamii Bora Trust were divided into two groups the insured and the non-insured.
In total, 17.9% respondents were hospitalized and women (19.6%) were more likely to be admitted than men (14.7%). Those in the poorest quintile had the highest probability of admission (18.1%). Those with secondary school education, large household size, and aged 50 and above also had slightly greater probability of admission (p<0.25). 86% of admissions among the insured respondents were covered JBHI and those in the poorest quintile were more likely to use the JBHI benefit. Results from the logistic regression revealed that the probability of being admitted, whether overall admission or admission covered by the JBHI benefit was determined by the presence of chronic condition (p<0.01).
Utilization and take up of the JBHI benefits was high. Overall, JBHI favoured the members in the lower income quintiles who were more likely to use health care services covered by the JBHI scheme.


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JAMES, DRMWAURA.  2005.  Relationship between Psychoactive Substance use and High-risk Sexual Practices of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in Nairobi, Kenya. Kenya Nursing Journal volume 33. vol 33: National Nurses Association of KenyaWebsite

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