Cow Dung to Kilo Watt using Double Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell

Kamau JM, Mbui DN, Mwaniki JM, Mwaura FB. "Cow Dung to Kilo Watt using Double Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell." IJSRSET. 2017;3(5):70-79.


In the current study, voltage is generated from cow waste at varying time duration of 6 to 11 days. PVC pipe was used to make a salt bridge using agarose and potassium chloride and Sodium chloride. The performance of microbial fuel cells was evaluated by characterizing the generated voltage, current, power and surface power density. It was observed that despite the high impedance of the substrate, all the generated parameters have shown maximum values at day 6 and then a decline in trend was observed on 7 days onwards. The highest values of voltage, current, power, current density and power density obtained were 0.5090V, 0.28μA, 0.0093μW, 0.05181mA/m2 and 0.0000006 W/m2 respectively. The study concluded that microbial fuel cells technology can be used to generate electricity from cow dung.
Keywords: Microbial Fuel Cells, Voltage, Current, Power Density

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