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Personal Information

Areas Of Specialization

(1) Biogas Research with emphasis on co-digestion of locally available vegetable wastes

(2) Synthetic Organic Chemistry with emphasis on stereochemistry.

Research Activities

  • Work on Pilot scale anaerobic digesters under mesophilic conditions
  • Synthetic transformation of Flavonoids:
    The work involves use of selected flavonoids, for example flavanones, flavones and chalcones. Existing functional groups are replaced with new ones. The resulting molecule is subjected to bioassay to check for increased bio-activity.

Work Experience

  • 01/02/1998 to 29/09/1998   - Part-time Lecturer  at  University Of Nairobi
  • 30/09/1998 to 29/07/2007   - Lecturer  at  University Of Nairobi
  • 30/07/2007 to Date   - Senior Lecturer  at  University Of Nairobi

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