Janet Muhalia Chumba, Andanje Mwisukha, RMK.  Submitted.  Extent of public support for physical education in Kenya. International Journal of Business and Social Science. 4(10) Abstract

Abstract The mass media have a fundamental role to play in the development of Sports.
Their contribution towards uplifting performance and popularizing sports is particularly
critical in the developing countries where sports programmes tend to receive minimal
attention and resource allocation. The mass media are important tools for marketing,
publicizing and popularizing sports. Their specific roles include bringing talent into the
limelight, giving recognition/appreciation to outstanding sports personalities and ...


simon munayi Janet chumba.  2018.  Management of sports in kenyan public and private universities:emerging trends, 18 may . Laikipia university international conference.


Janet Muhalia Chumba, Elijah Gitonga Rintaugu, AM.  2014.  Comparative Ranking of the Electronic and Print Mass Media in Dissemination of Sports Information in Kenya. Extent of public support for physical education in Kenya. 3 Abstract

Physical Education (PE) is a compulsory subject for all learners in all the public primary and
secondary schools in Kenya. The curriculum for the subject is centrally developed by a
panel of experts at the Kenya Institute of Education (KIE). However, inspite of the teaching of
the subject in the school system being mandatory, it is not examinable. Due to the physical
nature of the activities designed to be undertaken, coupled with the fact that the no
examinations are undertaken, a number of research and scholarly works have noted that ...

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