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Peter M. F. Mbithi, Judith S. Mbau, Nzioka J. Muthama, Hellen Inyega JKM, Kala JM. "Higher education and skills development in Africa: An analytical paper on the role of higher learning Institutions on sustainable development." Journal of Sustainability, Environment & Peace. 2021;4(2):58-73.
T. Aghová, K. Palupčíková, R. Šumbera, D. Frynta, L. A. Lavrenchenko, Y. Meheretu, Sádlová, J. VMMJJS, J. Sádlová, J. Votýpka, J. S. Mbau MD, Modrý D, Bryja J. "Multiple radiations of spiny mice (Rodentia: Acomys) in dry open habitats of Afro-Arabia: evidence from a multi-locus phylogeny." BMC evolutionary biology. 2019;19(1):61.
Hillary K Rotich., Richard Onwonga., Judith S Mbau., Koech OK. "Soil Organic Carbon Content and Stocks in Relation to Grazing Management in Semi-Arid Grasslands of Kenya." Journal of Rangeland Science. 2018;8(2):143-155.
Rotich HK, Mbau JS, Onwonga R, Koech OK. "Vegetation Dynamics in Relation to Grazing Management Practices in Semi-arid Grazing Lands of Makueni County, Kenya." Journal of Rangeland Science. 2018;8(3):227-239.
S MJ, M. G. "Conserving Forest Biodiversity through Value Chain Development: The Case Study of Karura Forest.". In: A review of best practices for selected biodiversity-based value chains that promotes pro-poor conservation in the Horn of Africa. NAIROBI: ICRAF; 2017.
Jawuoro SO, Koech OK, Karuku GN, Mbau JS. "Effect of piospheres on physio-chemical soil properties in the Southern Rangelands of Kenya." Ecological Processes. 2017;6:14.
Aghov T, Sumbera R, Pialek Lır, Mikula Orej, McDonough MM, Lavrenchenko LA, Meheretu Y, Mbau JS, Bryja J. "Multilocus phylogeny of East African gerbils (Rodentia, Gerbilliscus) illuminates the history of the Somali-Masai savanna." Journal of Biogeography. 2017:1-13.aghov-_et_al-2017-journal_of_biogeography.pdf
Muhammad Sabiu Suleiman, Wasonga VO, Mbau JS, Aminu Suleiman, Elhadi YA. "Non-timber forest products and their contribution to households income around Falgore Game Reserve in Kano, Nigeria." Ecological Processes. 2017;6(23).
Muhammad Sabiu Suleiman, Wasonga OV, Mbau JS, Elhadi YA. "Spatial and temporal analysis of forest cover change in Falgore Game Reserve in Kano, Nigeria." Ecological Processes. 2017;6(11).
ONDREJ MIKULA, RADIM SUMBERA, TATIANA AGHOVA, Mbau JS, ABDUL S. KATAKWEBA, CHRISTOPHER A. SABUNI, Bryja J. "Evolutionary history and species diversity of African pouched mice (Rodentia: Nesomyidae: Saccostomus)." Zoologica Scripta. 2016.
Bryja J, Ondřej Mikula, Radim sumbera, Meheretu Y, Aghova T, Lavrenchenko LA, Mazoch V, Oguge N, Mbau JS, Welegerima K, Amundala N, Colyn1 M, Leirs H, Verheyen11 E. "Pan-African phylogeny of Mus (subgenus Nannomys) reveals one of the most successful mammal radiations in Africa." BMC Evolutionary Biology . 2014;14:256.nannomys_dec_2014.pdf

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