Factors influencing change management process at Tamoil Kenya Limited.

Kinuu D, Maalu J, AOSA E. "Factors influencing change management process at Tamoil Kenya Limited." Prime Journal of business Administration and Management. ISSN 2251-1261. 2012;2(8):655-662.



This study set out to establish change management practices within Tamoil Kenya and evaluated the change management process in light of the models of change management and factors that affected the change management process. Towards this end both primary and secondary data were collected and analyzed using conceptual content analysis. The results show organizational change at Tamoil was characterized by a lack of clarity on the future state of the organization, an overemphasis on changes to structures and simultaneous introduction of relatively many change programs. Both planned and emergent approaches to change management models were evident in management of the change process. The performance of the change management process was influenced by a number of factors namely, inadequate communication, leadership, change in culture and mild resistance by organizational members. A major success of the change management program was the improved profitability of the business while loss of experienced human resource to competition was cited as a significant failure of the change management process.

Key words: Management process, organizations, Tamoil, Kenya


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