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Fidelis Mukudi, Justus Mile, Lucy Chikamai, Aywa S.  2020.  Strong Commutativity of Unbounded Self-adjoint Operators on a Separable Hilbert space. Mathematical Theory and Modeling. 10(8) AbstractWebsite

The unbounded Self-adjoint operators that strongly commute on a common dense subset of their domain
commute pointwise. When the operators commute pointwise on the same dense subset, there is to guarantee that
they will commute strongly. By imposing some conditions, we on the operators as well as the underlying space,
we get pointwise commuting unbounded operators that commute strongly. This article shows that by suitably
selecting two unbounded positive Self-adjoint operators with compact inverses we get a set of pointwise
commuting self-adjoint operators that commute on common core. then prove that it strongly commutes on the
same subspace.


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