Josephine Kangethe

Josphine is currently the Librarian at the Faculty of Business and Management Science, a position she has held since 2020. Previously she was deputizing the college Librarian at the College of Education, CEES Library, and at the College of Health Sciences ( CHS) Library. Earlier on she was in charge of the Graduate Research Library at the Main campus. She has twenty-nine years of experience as a Librarian, having worked at different Institutions namely the Department of Defence (3 years), Daystar University (16 years), and University of Nairobi (9 years and ongoing) 2021 to date.

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Curriculum Vitae



Kangethe, J.  2009.  Factors influencing utilisation of E-journals at Daystar University. (Mr. Muia - Chairman Kenyatta University Library department, Ed.).: Kenyatta University


Kangethe, J.  1990.  Interlibrary loan policy among Libraries; case study of University of Nairobi and The kenya polytechnic University Library. (Miss sarah Kibugi- head of Liberal studies department, kenya polytechnic., Ed.)., Nairobi: Technical University

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