Kaimenyi, J.T. and Guthua, S.W (1996). Cancrum oris. Surgery 14:244-247

T. PROFKAIMENYIJACOB. "Kaimenyi, J.T. and Guthua, S.W (1996). Cancrum oris. Surgery 14:244-247.". In: Surgery 14:244-247. African Meteorological Society; 1996.


A survey of 272 University of Nairobi undergraduate students was undertaken to assess their dental chairside experience and what reasons they gave for failing to seek dental treatment. Most respondents considered dental treatment uncomfortable and painful. The cost of treatment and fear arising from information given by other dental patients were important reasons that kept the respondents from visiting a dental clinic. This paper reveals the need for the dental profession to play a greater role in reducing costs of treatment and odontophobia.




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