Kaimenyi, J.T. (1995). The need for auxiliaries in oral health care.Medicus 14:3-8.

T. PROFKAIMENYIJACOB. "Kaimenyi, J.T. (1995). The need for auxiliaries in oral health care.Medicus 14:3-8.". In: Medicus 14:3-8. African Meteorological Society; 1995.


The objective of this study was to determine the knowledge and attitude of Nairobi University students towards dental health care in Kenya. A self administered questionnaire given to 400 students in person who responded and handed them over immediately. The students had a mean age of 22.4 years, 45.3% were males and 54.5% were females. Extractions, restorations and replacement of teeth were known to majority of the students. However, almost half of the students preferred extraction to restoration and 49.2% considered restoration of deciduous teeth unnecessary. 79% indicated that they would undergo scaling. It is therefore recommended that an effective mode of transmitting positive information about various dental treatment modalities be established.




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