Kiai's Biography

Mr. Kiai began as Trainee Technologist, Department of veterinary Anatomy and Physiology
2011- became Technologist at the Department. I have been doing Histology and Embryology laboratory, Tissue processing for both light and electron microscopy, Preparing and conducting histological practical, Preparation of whole animal for dissection, Skeleton making, Preservation of specimens in Perspex boxes, Preparation of gross anatomy practical, Castings techniques
Research technical Assistance:
I have been involved and acknowledge for the technical skills I have offered particularly in histology in the following research articles:-
-Nociceptive mechanisms and Trigeminal fiber in tortoises and terrapins
-Spatial and functional relationships between air conduits and blood capillaries in the pulmonary gas exchange tissue of adult and developing chickens
-Comparative morphometry of the olfactory bulb, tract and stria in the human, dog and goat.
-Morphofunctional adaptations of the olfactory mucosa in postnatally developing rabbits
-Anticancer drug vinblastine sulphate

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