Prof. Jens Friis Lund

Jens Friis Lund is associate professor in forest governance in developing countries at the University of Copenhagen. His research has focused on natural resources governance in developing countries, in particular community forestry processes in Tanzania and Nepal. He has also done research on the political economy of timber governance in Ghana. Lastly, in a Danish context, he has done research-cum-advisory work on economic and social issues of hunting and other recreational uses of forests and natural landscapes. His research has featured in, among others, the journals World Development, Ecological Economics, Public Administration and Development, Conservation and Society, Biodiversity and Conservation, Society and Natural Resources, Environmental Conservation, Ecology and Society, International Forestry Review, Forest Policy and Economics, and Journal of Forest Economics. Present research interests focus on social equity concerns in forest management; conservation impact of popular participation in forest management; the political economy of high timber management and; the role of decentralisation of natural resources management in state-citizen relations. Jens is presently involved in a number of project activities in Asia and Africa as well as in Denmark. These include cooperation with universities in Kenya and Nepal on institutional and socio-economic studies of community forestry processes and conflict under the ‘Stabilizing Kenya by Solving Forest Related Conflicts (STAKE)’ and ‘Community based natural forest and tree management in the Himalaya’ projects (both are joint research-cum-capacity building projects). In the past five years, Jens has raised approx. €1.5 million for research and research-cum-capacity building projects. On education, Jens has taught in various graduate and undergraduate courses at University of Copenhagen for more than ten years and has been course responsible for the undergraduate course ‘Skov- og Naturforvaltningsøkonomi’. Jens has developed and teaches an MSc course entitled ‘Rural Livelihoods and Natural Resources Governance’ as well as PhD courses on social theory in natural resources management and political ecology. Finally, Jens has (co-)supervised six PhD theses (three ongoing), seven MSc theses, and three BSc theses.

Current and previous positions

2009 - Associate Professor, Forest & Landscape, University of Copenhagen

2007-2009       Assistant Professor, Forest & Landscape, University of Copenhagen

2003-2007     PhD-student, Institute of Economics, Forestry and Planning, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University


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