Prof. Jens Emborg

Associate Professor, Forests & Landscape, University of Copenhagen
Master of Mediation and Conflict Resolution, MMCR, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen (2004)
PhD, the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen (1996)



Steven, DE, Gregg WB, Jens E.  2012.  The unifying negotiation framework: A model of policy discourse.
Gregg, W;, Steven D.  2012.  Forest Landscape Restoration Decision-Making and Conflict Management: Applying Discourse-Based Approaches. AbstractWebsite

Forest landscape restoration (FLR) aims to regain ecological integrity and enhance human well-being in deforested or degraded forest landscapes. Despite its positive connotations, successfully implementing significant FLR will often involve considerable conflict. The purpose of this chapter is to present fundamental principles for managing FLR conflicts. The chapter portrays FLR as a social and political process in which there is no “single” correct view of reality: “good forestry” or “bad forests” are value-laden social constructions that transcend objective facts. If not recognized, this alone can lead to misunderstanding and conflict. Social constructions often emerge and evolve through public discourse – the verbal communication, talk, or conversation among people. Accordingly the discourse-based approaches to conflict management can contribute meaningfully to FLR. Examining the various discourses within a conflict situation can improve mutual understanding, reveal salient aspects of the situation, and strengthen relationships as a foundation for problem-solving. Masters of FLR conflict management must be able to: (a) read the cultural-institutional context, (b) understand people, and (c) create an environment of constructive communication, fair power distribution, and strong incentives.


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