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Busienei JR, K'Obonyo PPO, Ogutu PM. "The Effect of Human Resource Strategic Orientation on Performance of Large Private Manufacturing Firms in Kenya." Prime Journal of Business Administration and Management (BAM). 2013;Vol. 3(1)(ISSN: 2251-1261):pp. 834-857.
Busienei JR, Maithya JM, Mugivane FI, Chimoita E, Babu MI, Nyang’anga HT. "Are Commercial Crops Displacing Food Crops and Compromising Kenya’s Food Security”?" Prime Journal of Business Administration and Management (BAM). 2015;5(3)( ISSN:2251-1261):pp:1794-1797.
Busienei J, Irungu P, Gichungi H, Muriithi B, Diiro G. "Effect of Technological Innovation on Gender Roles: The Case of Fruit Fly IPM Adoption on Women’s Decision‑Making in Mango Production and Marketing in Kenya." The European Journal of Development Research. 2020;10.1057(s41287-020-00282-z).

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