Microwave Route Surveying using Differential GPS.

KYALO PROFKIEMAJOHNBOSCO. "Microwave Route Surveying using Differential GPS.". In: Survey Review. Canadian Center of Science and Education; Submitted.


A microwave path survey is critical before any wireless communication infrastructure can be put into place. It is on the basis of this that the line of sight possibility between any pair of stations is established. This survey can also be used to determine whether there is sufficient space available on existing telecommunication towers, where additional telecommunication facilities can be hosted. This study has demonstrated that differential GPS techniques can successfully be used in microwave path surveys within the framework of telegeoinformatics. The adopted methodology simulated a levelling circuit for the defined observation network. This resulted in an acceptable misclosure of 0.039m which was distributed among the various stations in proportion to the relative length of each link. Natural and man-made obstacles (critical points) along the various telecommunication links were also determined.




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