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J. A, M.  2016.  Assessment of Marketing Productivity on the Performance of Hotel firms in Kenya. Prime Journal of Social Science. 5:1343–1351., Number 3: Abstract


J. A, M.  2015.  The influence of Industry Competition on the Performance of Hotel firms in Kenya. Prime Journal of Social Science. 4:1169–1179., Number 8: Abstract
F.N, MJA, Kibera.  2015.  The influence of service quality management practices on the performance of Hotel firms in Kenya. European Scientific Journals. 11:315–336., Number 22: Abstract


Aranga, M.  2004.  Factors affecting the performance of marketing communication tools: a case of selected dairy firms in Kenya. , Nairobi: University of Nairobi Abstract

This study focuses on the marketing communication tools pursued by selected milk processing firms in Kenya. The theory articulated in this article suggests that marketing communication tools and factors affecting their performance are two important considerations. Taking this as a standpoint, the author predicted the use of similar marketing communication tools whose performances are influenced by the same factors. An empirical test of this theory using data collected from the milk processors operating in Nairobi yields data consistent with the view that the milk processors use similar marketing communication elements and their performance are influenced by similar factors.

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