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Ng'ang'a], JM.  1992.  “Market Segmentation by Medium and Large Scale Manufacturing Firms in Kenya”. , Nairobi: University of Nairobi Abstract

The study contained in this report investigated the use of market segmentation by the medium and large scale manufacturing firms in Nairobi with the aim of generalizing the findings to similar firms’ throughput Kenya. It had a further aim of identifying the specific segmentation variables which influence the production and marketing of the firm’s product and also isolating the problem encountered in the practice of market segmentation.
To achieve these objectives a questionnaire was constructed and administered. The respondents were marketing managers, product managers or any other person conversant with the product and marketing strategies in the particular firm. The respondents had to rate the various segmentation variables indicating the extent to which such variables influence the product and marketing strategy in their firm.
The data so collected was analyzed by use of tables, percentages and proportions. A further statistical test was carried out using the t - test to find out whether the scores for the various variables were statistically different among the different industries.

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