Operations Strategies Applied for the Competetitiveness of Kenyan Large Manufacturing Firms

MEROKA PROFMBECHEISAAC, S.O.Nyamwange. "Operations Strategies Applied for the Competetitiveness of Kenyan Large Manufacturing Firms.". In: Nairobi Journal of Management, Vol. 6 May-September, 2003. IBIMA Publishing; 2003.


This research sought to survey the manufacturing strategies pursued by the large manufacturing firms in Kenya as a way of remaining a float in the turbulent "libero-global' environment. The survey was carried out among the large manufacturing firms in Kenya. A total of seventy large firms picked through stratified sampling from a sample frame of 260, were sent questionnaires and twenty seven completed and returned them. The findings indicate the presence of trade-offs on one hand and order-winners and qualifiers on the other, also, it was found that all firms, regardless of company characteristics, compete on similar operations strategies. In particular, firms ranked, in order of priority, the following strategies: (1) high quality (2) low cost (3) time/speed, innovativeness and flexibility. The findings of this research indicate the majority of large manufacturing firms acknowledge that operations- based strategies enhance the competitive capabilities of their firms by contributing to long-term business performance and success. In order to mobilize their competitiveness, firms need to emphasize high quality and consistence, low cost and hence low price, time/speed, dependability, innovativeness and high flexibility.




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