Critical success Factors of Industrial and Commercial Projects in Kenya

MEROKA PROFMBECHEISAAC. "Critical success Factors of Industrial and Commercial Projects in Kenya." Operations Research Society of Eastern Africa Journal. 2011;1(1):93-108.


This study was carried out to examine the critical success factors of Industrial and Commercial projects in Kenya. Past research on project success in Kenya focused mainly on cost, time and quality as dimensions of success especially on Building Projects. This study moves the focus from the operations to the strategic context in order to capture the strategic contribution of projects to organizations. The study used twenty one projects out of thirty eight possible ones and analyzed their performance in relation to variables identified as important by the project officers.
Both secondary and primary data were used to carry out the analysis. The results show that there are three critical success factors as far as Industrial and Commercial Projects are concerned These are financial viability and management, market analysis and management and the quality of project management. These factors are important during project preparation and project implementation.

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