Climate Change and Urban Development in Africa

MBECHE IM, Kumssa A, Mosha AC, Njeru EHN. "Climate Change and Urban Development in Africa." Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation; Filho, WL, Ed.; Springer: Berlin/Heidelberg, Germany. 2015:215-226.


Climate change poses a major threat to sustainable urban development in Africa. Changes in thefrequency, intensity, and duration of climate extremes (droughts,floods, and heat waves, amongothers) will affect the livelihoods of the urban population, particularly the poor and other vulnerablecommunities who live in slums and marginalized settlements. Extreme changes in weather patternswill increase incidences of natural disasters and impact on all key sectors of the economy, includingthe urban economy, agriculture and forestry, water resources, coastal areas and settlements, andhealth. In Africa, where livelihoods are mainly based on climate-dependent resources and environ-ment, the effect of climate change will be disproportionate and severe. Moreover, Africa’s capacityto adapt to and cope with the adverse effects of climate variability is generally weak. This Chapterexamines the relations between climate change and urban development in Africa and looks at therole and effect of climate change on urban development. It also assesses the available policy optionsfor adaptation and mitigating climate change effects in urban Africa

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